What is my Process for customizing your vision?

 My custom calligraphy artwork is designed with you, my client, in mind. 

  • I start by sitting down with you, usually in my home in Teaneck, N.J.  I get a feel for what you like in art and in life and what your vision is for the piece you are looking to be designed. 


  • At my home, you can peruse through my portfolio or you can bring an idea that you've seen somewhere else.  This allows me to better understand your preferences. (Not everything I've done is on this website.)

  • The type of design desired, style, type of illumination, size, paper and color are all taken into consideration for the artwork.  I then proceed to sketch a preliminary rough draft and get your approval.


  • Using the elements discussed and the rough sketch, I develop a draft that I email to you.


  • After final approval, I proceed to design the custom artwork.

  • For Ketubot, I generally ask you to communicate with the officiating Rabbi.  He will need to send me the exact text for the Ketubah with bride's and groom's names, date of the wedding, and place.  It is extremely important that this be done with absolute care with correct spellings and timing of the event.  Rabbis differ on the wording of the Ketubah and, thus, I need the exact text from them. 

The difference between Custom artwork and Prints/Giclees

Most ketubahs sold today, either online or through Judaica stores, are reproductions of original artwork.  They are bright, colorful and beautiful and may even be printed on archival paper.  However, they are NOT originals and are not unique to the couple getting married.   The original artwork is copied and reproduced on large format printers.  There can be hundreds of copies made of the same design.  In addition, you are only seeing an image of brush strokes and paint, not the artist’s strokes.

Dianne specializes in hand-crafted CUSTOM ketubot, NOT REPRODUCTIONS, where the couple can determine specifically what they want for design, color, lifestyle, and paper.