Artist Bio

Dianne Bekritsky has had a multifaceted career.  Since graduating from City College with a degree in Operations Research and Baruch college with a degree in Computer Methodology, she has worked as a Computer Programmer, Adjunct Professor (of Math and Computer Science) and Business Systems Analyst (for UPS). She always had an affinity for art. She studied Hebrew calligraphy and illumination with Jay Greenspan at the 92nd St Y, Design at the New School, and learned English calligraphy on her own.


Since 1972 she has focused on the creation of personalized Jewish marriage contracts (Ketubot).  Additionally, Dianne creates other works of Judaic art such as papercuts, quotations, invitations, monograms, and family trees.    She uses the highest quality paper and painting materials in her art.  She has exhibited at Jewish Day Schools and festivals, lectured before local women’s organizations, taught calligraphy to middle school students and has a copyrighted work on file with the Library of Congress.


Since retiring from UPS, Dianne has exhibited her work is galleries throughout Bergen County.  She won 1st place in the Crafts category in the Bergen County Senior Art Exhibition and Honorable Mention in the Bergen County Focus Exhibition for her ‘Jerusalem of Gold’ laser wood plaque.

Dianne is Secretary/Treasurer for the Jerusalem Institute for the Blind, the Membership Vice President for the SALUTE to Women in the Arts and loves to dance.

Artist Statement

My clients are my inspiration for my artwork.  I enjoy sitting with them, getting to know their likes and dislikes, their personalities, and their backgrounds.  They inspire me to design a work of art that they will cherish. I attribute my love for lettering and illumination to my teacher Jay Greenspan, who gave me the courage to take on projects that seemed unattainable.


I love the preciseness of writing letters and yet enjoy playing with them so that they curve and elongate without losing their identity. Interpreting quotations with visual accompaniment is like writing both the music and the lyrics to a song.  Over time, I would like to learn how to open up my calligraphy work to form letters that move as if they were dancing.